Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Undefeated Season of '61-'62

We finally had a chance to get some input today on that roundball season that none of us will ever forget. At breakfast with Phil and Carol Johnson in the Cities, just before this photo was taken, Phil talked about a couple memorable games, one beginning the season and the other at the end.

I'd have to say Buffalo Center there is one to remember. They had those two big guys, Friesenberg and (another one whose name this author forgets), and that was big to beat them over there.

And on second thought, our last game at home, against Forest City may be the very biggest. We were not going to be beat. Not on our floor, at our place. Not in the last game of the season. We put it on them. I think it was 53-18 at the half, and their coach was yelling at us.

We're not sure the score was better or worse than Phil's recollection, because the yearbook reports it was 66-33 at the half. It's not often you double the score, but double it the Fab Five did. The final score: 93-73, with Phil and Mike Lien contributing 66 of the 93. Buffalo may have been a big one, but it was the first game of the season and it, too, was a rout, 72-41.

The action photo is from the Yearbook. Mike Lien is #30 on the right, and if memory serves us right, #45 is Mr. Friesenberg from Buffalo Center, and this game could have been at BC because they were wearing colors.

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