Thursday, June 9, 2011

1953 Centennial

Northwood was hoppin' for the 1953 Centennial celebration. It was pretty much a matter of the circus coming to town with all the activity including the Carnival at the Fairgrounds and the Kangaroo Court pictured here, finding folks guilty of a variety of sins.

If memory serves us right, the men could buy one of two buttons, one to exempt from a beard (at a higher price, probably), and another to register a beard, all done as a means of raising money. But this memory is open to outside input because it's fuzzy at best.

So if you have knowledge of the workings of the court, please email with more information. According to Richard Holstad, the gentleman closest to the camera and intent on wreaking justice was one Woody Hudson. Let us know who any of these gents are.

The centennial was beset with a deluge of rain but it never dampened the spirits of the locals, who now likely are looking ahead to the Bicentennial. Can you believe it?

Photo courtesy of the L M Forland family.

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  1. In the photo, Dr Forland is on the far left, Woody Hudson is in front of the desk with his fist raised.

    The Location is the Forland-Anderson Veterinarian office.

    My understanding is that the Worth County Centennial was 1953 and the Northwood centennial was 1958.

    I am not sure if this court proceeding was in 1953 or 1958. Maybe someone will tell us in a future comment.


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