Sunday, June 5, 2011

Runaway Pig

Since I don't have any stories to tell, I have to tell a story that my son Scott told me a month or so ago. He said that he and his brother Michael were messing around on the farm with a bow and arrow. Scott said that he was trying to shoot a chicken with an arrow. He aimed it at the chicken and apparently they were in the hog yard. He shot the arrow and it went between the chicken's legs and hit a hog right behind the ear. The pig was running around the pig yard squealing like hell. So here they are trying to catch the pig and get the arrow out. They finally caught the pig and got the arrow out. Their dad never saw the damage to the pig. After that, they went into the cornfield and hid for awhile. Now Scott is one who could tell many a story of his childhood and teenage years. He made up for his mother.


  1. But I understand his mother is now wild and crazy, making up for her "lost youth" - is that correct?

  2. I just looked in the yearbook - it says Marilyn Weidler is: Cute, intelligent, and petite. Here's a gal whose (sic) really neat. Doesn't say anything about wild and crazy . . .

  3. I wasn't wild & crazy in 1962!!


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