Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Restoration of a Model A

Marilyn Weidler Ulve: In 1989, David decided to purchase and restore a Model A that originally belonged to his great grandfather. It was being stored in a shed on a farm between Northwood and Lake Mills.

Our son Michael just out of high school did the body work and our son Scott did the electrical work. After many orders and trips to "Little Deerborn" in Minneapolis, the project was finished. Eventually, the car was sold to David's cousin in Lake Mills.

Click on any picture to open a larger view. To re-play the slideshow, click the "Play" button in the center of the slideshow window.


  1. There lots of unique things about this post -
    * The project itself is unique
    * The automatic slide show feature is unique
    * The car is essentially a family heirloom
    * The car is apparently still in the area safely
    stored in someone's garage

    Very Nice Work!
    Richard Holstad

  2. Thank you. It took about 6 months plus to complete.


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