Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phone Service and the Phone Book

Click this link to view the page on this blog that has scanned photos from the Phone Book from our era. From an earlier posting on this blog, here are comments made in discussion regarding the phone book and life with telephone service as we knew it:

Richard Holstad said...

The Class of 1959 - Mike McQuarters - forwarded the phone book above. Only selected pages are provided here but the entire 22 pages are available upon request. Notice the phone numbers above for the Paramount Cafe, Pats Super Service, and Mack Drug and Jewelry ... and the Quality Cafe!

For me, I didn't use a phone book, I just picked up the phone and asked if the operator knew where Leroy went today.

We always knew where our friends were hanging out by where their bikes were parked where their dogs were waiting by the door.

Marilyn said...

Just imagine, the kids now have cell phones. What a difference in technology. I think my phone number in the country was something like B-12 & of course you had to make sure someone else wasn't using the line.

BadgerHawk said...

Marilyn, we were on a party line, too. I don't know if we had a "number" per se but I do know we were "two longs and a short" or something like that. The party line was a good way to pick up some gossip or find out what was going on if something good or bad happened. On a long conversation we could hear the phone click from time to time when others would pick up to see if the line was "available."
It's a little vague but I think you could call others on the same line by turning the crank to correspond to their signal. Like rip-rip was 2 shorts, if you know what I mean.
I thought Mason City was really big-time when they put in the dial system, GArden 3- and GArden 4. Anybody born after 19?? wouldn't know what that was...

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