Friday, June 17, 2011

Springtime - the Joy of Running, Jumping, Throwing

The Yearbook is a source of unique information, and sometimes it's unique for what is not included. Track & Field was a fun activity whether the photos show it or not, and there is absolutely no mention anywhere in the Yearbook of the record of success or lack thereof.

That may be irrelevant since the sport is pretty much an individual effort, even if we did enjoy winning a meet here or there - didn't we? The top photo in the posting shows one of the times the entire group got together, and other than the times we got on the bus to head off for a meet that probably didn't happen real often.

Arlyn Morse is the guy who looks totally fagged at the finish line in the middle photo, and it's typical Morse - able to take a normal event, yearbook photos, and make something fun out of them. We notice elsewhere in the Yearbook that he was also the Class Salutatorian, and knowing he went on to a successful career we forgive his clowning around, although he should have the courtesy to email us some of his other high school escapades because there is no doubt there were a number of them. C'mon, Morse, 'fess up!

Last but not least, a "corrected" photo as the Blog Master finally has a chance to turn a photo literally on its ear. When the Yearbook came out 49 years ago and we noticed this photo it was clearly "wrong" but we didn't know why. It's probably been troublesome for you as well over the years, but if you now compare this blog photo to the one on page 65 of the Yearbook you will notice the difference - at 90 degrees. If it hasn't troubled you over the years, well, that's OK, too.

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