Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'62 Class Will

The Yearbook says, "We, the Senior Class of 1962, being of unsound mind . . . bequeath the following to the underclassmen (on a selected basis):

Stanton Arendts leaves his Fabian crewcut to Ron Tenold in hopes that he will have the allure that Stanton had.

Sandra Charlson leaves her ability to blush to Karen Huso.

Marsha Gaarder leaves her study habits to Jim Watts. May he use them and profit by them in his senior year.

Cheryl Grube leaves her ability to catch a man to Janice Folkerts.

Charles Hendrickson leaves his gentlemanly ways to Evans Olmsted.

Larry Holstad leaves his football suit to Bob Harris. May it fit him well and bring him to great fame.

Phil Johnson leaves his "scoring" ability to Obed Ladd, and his basketball shoes to John Ellingson.

Ralph Thompto leaves his favorite record "Hot Rod Lincoln" to Sandra Thoen.

After much consideration of how to address these observations, including the remainder of them in the Yearbook, we chose to let them stand as they are, for all to consider. Email if you don't have access to a yearbook with the full list and would like a copy.

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