Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Richard!

It just doesn't take much to make some people happy. So when Richard Holstad celebrated his 64th birthday recently, he was thrilled to receive a Steve Martin Arrow, photo attached.

My office manager, Terra, gave me something I have always wanted - A STEVE MARTIN ARROW! She knows me, yes?

I'm also looking for a set of Chevy Chase Bumble Bee Antenna that fit your head like this arrow does. When you bee-bop it is best to have your antenna.

I am having so darn much fun with this $3.00 gift. I was wearing my arrow around the office last week and asked one of my engineers if the arrow was detrimental to my credibility. With a wonderfully straight face he said, "Oh, no, Richard, not in the least! I believe it is helping."

The website for his company, Spectrum Engineering, lists itself as (paraphrasing here) a reliable, straightforward, trustworthy company. It doesn't say anything about the arrow in the president's head.

At last we are able to be ourselves, and feel conspicuous if we want, now that we are in our 60's.


  1. Hope you had a happy birthday!!!

  2. Can't wait to find you that Bumble Bee Antenna.


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