Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fabulous Crown Vic

Richard Holstad reports he was home last weekend - Memorial weekend - and as is his custom swung by the Surf in Clear Lake just for the fun of it. And in time for the classic car show going on. The pink '55 shown here was the one that caught his eye initially, and then he saw the whole show, all ready to cruise around Clear Lake.

Although he took a picture of every one, we won't show them here, but will show this Black & White '58 (recall that Buddy Holly crashed in February, 1959) that had been hauled out every year for the Winter Dance Party and parked in front of the Surf (notice the snow) - until 2009 when the Johnny Cash tour bus backed into it, pushing it up onto the sidewalk and making a mess of it.

Marilyn Weidler Ulve's son was on the team that restored the '58 originally - though she now advises she is uncertain whether it has been "restored again."

Nevertheless, each car shown here is a classic.

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