Monday, January 23, 2017

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We may or may not be moving forward, but we now have a FB page especially for the members of the Class of '62. Here is the link -

If you are already on Facebook but have not joined the group, send a message to the group or email and we can get you on board. See you in September!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Celebrity Adventure with Marilyn

Two of my friends and I headed for Mystic Lake Casino at Prior Lake last weekend.  We went especially to see “The Beach Boys.”  We stopped at a local bar in the casino for a drink and then headed to our favorite restaurant called “The Minnehaha Café” also in the casino.  We were standing in line waiting to be seated, noting there were two lines, one VIP and one for regular customers.  I noticed a gentleman walking towards us dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and I was thinking to myself, he looks like a Beach Boy guy.  He came over to us and apologized for budging ahead of us in line, but explained he was with the Beach Boys and needed to eat and get ready to perform.  So, naturally, out came the camera.
We thoroughly enjoyed their performance,  one song after another for over an hour and a half.  Then off we went to enjoy “The White Sidewalls,” a 50’s group performing in the casino.  My friend, Janet, & I rolled into bed about 1:30.  My other friend was back to the room at 11:00. 
The next morning, as we were having breakfast in the same café, we noticed the same guy from the Beach Boys eating at a nearby table.  So, naturally, I went to his table and told him how much I enjoyed the show and asked for his autograph.  His name was Bruce Johnston.   There were two other members with him…younger…not original members of the group.
Can’t wait for my next adventure.  Upcoming shows that I have tickets for…Sha Na Na, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Scotty McCreery, & stars from Dancing with the Stars…and away I go!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back to the 50s

from Marilyn Weidler Ulve -

On February 7th at Diamond Jo Casino by Northwood 6 girls attended the "Tribute to Buddy Holly Show."  I purchased 6 front row seats as soon as they became available.  It was as if we went back to the 50's.  The show featured The Big Bopper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly.  It was a great show and so fun to be in the front row. 
We had our pictures taken with the performers after the show.  The Big Bopper called us the "Party Girls."
My friend Janet and I talked to the person in charge of entertainment and told him we thought they should have people dress up in 50's outfits next year.  He said he will do it.  We'll see.....
A great time was had by all, even though the performers seemed to stay young, but us women seemed to age...hmmm....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another Las Vegas Adventure - with Marilyn Weidler Ulve

I had an airline ticket to use up before April, so I opted to go to Las Vegas again….my friend Janet likes
country and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were performing there. Also her granddaughter was scheduled
to compete in a gymnastics competition at the same time…so away we went. 

We stayed in a place off of the strip so we had to take a shuttle bus to and from the strip. One particular 
driver we called the maniac…he was foreign and drove “like a maniac.” He roared the engine taking the
corners sharply and we had to hang on for dear life.

The first day we went to Fremont street…there are all kinds of characters dressed up and they want
people to take their pictures with them, for a tip of course. I was looking at a pair who appeared to be
statues. As I was looking at them and walking by, they started waving at me…I then ran into a black
man…as I ran into him, I tipped forward and my hand went down to his crotch, I righted myself and my
hand went up and spilled his drink that he was holding. It was absolutely hilarious!! The poor guy didn’t know what hit him!!

As we were walking on the strip, there was this cute and charming young guy selling eye creams. Of
course, he talked me into buying some…I kept telling him how cute and charming he was. He put my
hat on and that made him cuter yet….They prey on old ladies…he asked me if I wanted to adopt him!!

We arrived at the Venetian for the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw show…we had no idea where the showroom
was…we asked a friendly security person where it was, and he said, “I’m on my way right now, I’ll take
you.” So we had our personal escort…we had pictures taken before the show….

There is a bus on the strip that takes you up and down the strip and to Fremont street…it seems that I always meet someone on this ride…Janet and I had been on Fremont Street and on our way to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw…There were two young girls that came up from the back of the bus and asked us if they could join us…they said they admired us and wanted to be just like us someday…(when they were old ladies, of course) We sat and visited with them and they wanted to take their pictures with us…they were from Colorado…We had been discussing this man who appeared to be in a deep sleep…an older ladie stumbled over his foot and he didn’t stir…we were wondering if he was dead, but the one girl thought she heard him snoring… one of the younger girls and I had to touch him on the way out to see if he was cold…he was warm!!

We had a layover in Phoenix on the way home…they said it was 75 degrees there…we were tempted to call Lee & Lonna and ask them if we could stay for awhile…lol…instead we came home to the deepfreeze and snow!!

And so, another fun trip was had.


Monday, April 8, 2013

The Healing Power of Spring

Just back from a winter vacation in Arizona, I found snow all around my property.  Makes this story appropriate.

Creating Rituals of Renewal
By Scott Jacobs
It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain
As Midwesterners we are all too familiar with the ache/joy of “spring fever.”  We've endured/survived/enjoyed winter’s hibernation and now our thoughts turn to warm weather, longer walks, fresh smells, and colors other than gray. We have been at rest—like the trees and soil—and now something is calling us to awaken.
What is it about spring that calls you? Are there rituals that help create a sense of renewal for you? For me it is lilacs, golf (or at least the hope of golf), and getting on the motorcycle.
Our rituals have the capacity to energize us, to comfort us, and to prepare us for what’s next. We are metaphorically clearing out the cobwebs (whether we find them along the ceiling or in our thinking).
Maybe you've been planning to attend to your health, finish that project, reconnect with a lost friend, learn a new skill or tackle a new role at work. These changes can happen at any time of the year but spring can add a new sense of energy and hope about taking them on.
The spring was my inspiration for finishing an important paper 33 years ago to complete my Master’s degree—“no golf or motorcycling until you’re done” was my mantra. And three years ago, spring jump-started my final steps to complete a kayak I’d been building for…… (Let’s just say it was a long time in the making!).
Warm weather and flowers alone won’t make your important life changes happen. It starts with knowing that these matter to you—that you deserve the good they will bring. As we dust off the cobwebs in our mind we must keep our thoughts positive, focus on the strengths we will bring to our change process, and trust that setbacks will happen—but they won’t defeat us.
And our rituals of renewal can be made easier and lighter—like a warm breeze—with the help of others. Who might provide you the needed encouragement, or validation, as you embark on your process of change? An exercise buddy, a mentor, your therapist, or a friend who offers unconditional support can enhance our chances at realizing our new BEST.
 Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. ~Doug Larson
I've noticed the cardinals whistling a bit louder as I take my slushy morning walks and I've been wondering if they know that spring is coming—or am I just paying attention better—looking and listening for the signs of spring.
Keep your eyes and ears open to spring’s healing energy. Find your rituals. Inspire yourself to change and know that the things you seek for your renewal are important. 

Reprinted by permission of REALiving Magazine.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

one of the girls - spreading her wings!

from Marilyn Weidler Ulve -

So 50's - all of us
Comparing myself now to the person I was in the class of 1962, I have changed from probably the
shyest person in my class to one of the most adventuresome persons that I know. 

Within 3 weeks time, I have attended a 50's Dance Party which was a tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, wearing poodle skirt, saddle shoes...the works, went to Belize for my son's wedding and after being home a couple days took off for Vegas. I am, as a friend of mine said, "Spreading My Wings" and enjoying life.
Remember my friend Buddy Holly?

I purchased 6 tickets for the front row at Diamond Jo's by Northwood and coaxed the other girls to "dress up" in 50's outfits.  I mde 3 of the poodle skirts myself.  

We had a great time . . . we had "Buddy" and "Richie Valens" sign their autographs on our saddle shoes.

The trip to Belize was quite an adventure...this is the first time that I have been out of the country. We landed in Belize City, then took a 12-passenger plane to San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye.  If you remember the song "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna, she is singing about this island. (The Beautiful Island) 

At San Pedro we took a van (the driver drove wildly through the streets filled with potholes and tried not to run over the bicycle riders). The van took us to Wet Willy's where we took a boat to
our resort. During these bumpy rides, I had a very sore tailbone after falling on it before my trip. 
The weather was beautiful, the island beautiful, the wedding awesome.

me - and Ritchie
The trip to Vegas was made especially to see Celine Dion. It was a truly beautiful and awesome
production. The person sitting next to my friend was from Australia and the person next to me was
French, so people from all over the world come to see her perform.

I had a wonderful time in all my adventures…now to think of more to do…hmmm. The bad part was
all dressed up, somewhere to go!
coming home to cold and snow after being in 80 degree weather.


bouncing through San pedro

island girl
bride and groom
my friend Oscar
with son, daughter, and their spouses
with friend Janet in Vegas
all dressed up for Celine Dion
Up close to the stage to watch the Legends
the Luxor where we stayed

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the last dance?

You might be able to make this full screen, I'm not sure.  It came to me as a Facebook Post and looked suitable for a blog designed for the Class of '55, maybe, since Nana is a bit older than our group, but her spirit is suitable for all ages.

Nonetheless it seemed to be a good post for the NKHS 62 blog, and until something else appropriate comes along, it may be the last for a while.  Things change, and my stories, at least those suitable for print, are now in a small pile, so I don't have much more to share.

Besides that, this has been about the past, and I'd prefer to have some current and future orientation, for selfish reasons.  Last year we were gone on vacation for 6 weeks, and didn't see our grandkids for another couple of weeks.  At some point our then-15-year-old granddaughter pointed out to her mother that it had been a while since we had seen her, and asked, "Don't they know their grandkids miss them?"

When we drove to Menomonie for an event the purpose of which I don't recall, Dana was upstairs finishing a shower when we arrived, and ten minutes later we heard a clattering as she bounded down the stairs to greet us, wrapping us each in a hug to express her love and/or admonish us for being gone so long. You can see from the photo with brother Bryan and Lonna that she's a sweetheart, and worthy of being our favorite granddaughter.

The point is, her sudden expression prompted me to put together another blog, this one about our past and current travels, including the notes I had already put together from our trip to Florida last spring, photos to match.  I did so to allow them to follow us this time around, perhaps having a vicarious experience as we explore the world, though who knows if they are following it or not.  I guess we'll find out when we get home.

The travel blog takes me away from the narrower mission of the NKHS 62 blog since I can go backwards, forwards, sideways, even segue into side issues, philosophies, and who knows what else.  A different kind of freedom, I suppose, lacking the restriction of "stories about high school days."

So we may be posting notes of interest here at NKHS 62 from time to time, and if you'd like to check into the other one, the title of it is Travels with Ole Holstad.  Click that link to go there if you'd like, or not - to read those posts and get background on the title.  I'm still open to input for the NK blog, so feel free to pass along your ideas if you're so inspired.  Most blogs only last about 5 months, I once read, and we're now at 4 years or so . . . with no economic impetus, just a passion.  Maybe I'm movin' on.