Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Celebrity Adventure with Marilyn

Two of my friends and I headed for Mystic Lake Casino at Prior Lake last weekend.  We went especially to see “The Beach Boys.”  We stopped at a local bar in the casino for a drink and then headed to our favorite restaurant called “The Minnehaha Café” also in the casino.  We were standing in line waiting to be seated, noting there were two lines, one VIP and one for regular customers.  I noticed a gentleman walking towards us dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and I was thinking to myself, he looks like a Beach Boy guy.  He came over to us and apologized for budging ahead of us in line, but explained he was with the Beach Boys and needed to eat and get ready to perform.  So, naturally, out came the camera.
We thoroughly enjoyed their performance,  one song after another for over an hour and a half.  Then off we went to enjoy “The White Sidewalls,” a 50’s group performing in the casino.  My friend, Janet, & I rolled into bed about 1:30.  My other friend was back to the room at 11:00. 
The next morning, as we were having breakfast in the same café, we noticed the same guy from the Beach Boys eating at a nearby table.  So, naturally, I went to his table and told him how much I enjoyed the show and asked for his autograph.  His name was Bruce Johnston.   There were two other members with him…younger…not original members of the group.
Can’t wait for my next adventure.  Upcoming shows that I have tickets for…Sha Na Na, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Scotty McCreery, & stars from Dancing with the Stars…and away I go!

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