Wednesday, March 20, 2013

one of the girls - spreading her wings!

from Marilyn Weidler Ulve -

So 50's - all of us
Comparing myself now to the person I was in the class of 1962, I have changed from probably the
shyest person in my class to one of the most adventuresome persons that I know. 

Within 3 weeks time, I have attended a 50's Dance Party which was a tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, wearing poodle skirt, saddle shoes...the works, went to Belize for my son's wedding and after being home a couple days took off for Vegas. I am, as a friend of mine said, "Spreading My Wings" and enjoying life.
Remember my friend Buddy Holly?

I purchased 6 tickets for the front row at Diamond Jo's by Northwood and coaxed the other girls to "dress up" in 50's outfits.  I mde 3 of the poodle skirts myself.  

We had a great time . . . we had "Buddy" and "Richie Valens" sign their autographs on our saddle shoes.

The trip to Belize was quite an adventure...this is the first time that I have been out of the country. We landed in Belize City, then took a 12-passenger plane to San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye.  If you remember the song "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna, she is singing about this island. (The Beautiful Island) 

At San Pedro we took a van (the driver drove wildly through the streets filled with potholes and tried not to run over the bicycle riders). The van took us to Wet Willy's where we took a boat to
our resort. During these bumpy rides, I had a very sore tailbone after falling on it before my trip. 
The weather was beautiful, the island beautiful, the wedding awesome.

me - and Ritchie
The trip to Vegas was made especially to see Celine Dion. It was a truly beautiful and awesome
production. The person sitting next to my friend was from Australia and the person next to me was
French, so people from all over the world come to see her perform.

I had a wonderful time in all my adventures…now to think of more to do…hmmm. The bad part was
all dressed up, somewhere to go!
coming home to cold and snow after being in 80 degree weather.


bouncing through San pedro

island girl
bride and groom
my friend Oscar
with son, daughter, and their spouses
with friend Janet in Vegas
all dressed up for Celine Dion
Up close to the stage to watch the Legends
the Luxor where we stayed


  1. Thanks Lee, you did a good job with the pictures.

  2. Awesome Marilyn!! Next time you are going to Vegas, let me know and we will spread our wings together. My daughter lives there. You have been having a good time girlfriend!!

  3. That would be so much fun!! I'll make sure I have your phone number with me and we will do just that!

  4. I'm not sure Vegas is ready for the two of you together.

  5. I won't get into trouble as long as I stay out of the Stratasshpere....another story!! Ask Marilyn G about this one.


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