Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the last dance?

You might be able to make this full screen, I'm not sure.  It came to me as a Facebook Post and looked suitable for a blog designed for the Class of '55, maybe, since Nana is a bit older than our group, but her spirit is suitable for all ages.

Nonetheless it seemed to be a good post for the NKHS 62 blog, and until something else appropriate comes along, it may be the last for a while.  Things change, and my stories, at least those suitable for print, are now in a small pile, so I don't have much more to share.

Besides that, this has been about the past, and I'd prefer to have some current and future orientation, for selfish reasons.  Last year we were gone on vacation for 6 weeks, and didn't see our grandkids for another couple of weeks.  At some point our then-15-year-old granddaughter pointed out to her mother that it had been a while since we had seen her, and asked, "Don't they know their grandkids miss them?"

When we drove to Menomonie for an event the purpose of which I don't recall, Dana was upstairs finishing a shower when we arrived, and ten minutes later we heard a clattering as she bounded down the stairs to greet us, wrapping us each in a hug to express her love and/or admonish us for being gone so long. You can see from the photo with brother Bryan and Lonna that she's a sweetheart, and worthy of being our favorite granddaughter.

The point is, her sudden expression prompted me to put together another blog, this one about our past and current travels, including the notes I had already put together from our trip to Florida last spring, photos to match.  I did so to allow them to follow us this time around, perhaps having a vicarious experience as we explore the world, though who knows if they are following it or not.  I guess we'll find out when we get home.

The travel blog takes me away from the narrower mission of the NKHS 62 blog since I can go backwards, forwards, sideways, even segue into side issues, philosophies, and who knows what else.  A different kind of freedom, I suppose, lacking the restriction of "stories about high school days."

So we may be posting notes of interest here at NKHS 62 from time to time, and if you'd like to check into the other one, the title of it is Travels with Ole Holstad.  Click that link to go there if you'd like, or not - to read those posts and get background on the title.  I'm still open to input for the NK blog, so feel free to pass along your ideas if you're so inspired.  Most blogs only last about 5 months, I once read, and we're now at 4 years or so . . . with no economic impetus, just a passion.  Maybe I'm movin' on.


  1. Who is she - this is just precious!!!
    Could it be Richard's mother?
    Loved this Lee!!

  2. Loved it...she can barely walk...but she sure can dance!!

  3. Another model for us to aspire to emulate!


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