Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SCA, the '40 Ford, and Officer Jackley

Another installment of the Stanton Arendts conflict with Officer Jackley, wherein Young Arendts wound up with a citation:

I normally worked on my cars after school and at night.

One night, after installing three-twos on my 1940 Ford, I took it out for a test drive. I had taken the hood off for access and had no air cleaners installed. It sounded like a jet revving for a Cat launch. By the time I hit the Kensett City limits, I was going 100 MPH.

I wouldn't go much faster than that, because it was too scary. Since I couldn't afford a dropped front axel, I extended the spring brackets, which created erratic steering problems. I needed the entire road, since I couldn't keep it in one lane. Wouldn't you know that Jackely was coming into town at the same time.

This was before radar and he had no proof of my speed, but he was sure it was over the 35 MPH limit. He turned around and pulled me over. By that time, I was aware of his presence and had slowed down. He completely inspected the car and could find nothing wrong. He cited me for disturbing the peace. This was about 2 miles north of Kensett, in corn field area.

I had to go to the Justice of the Peace, in Manly. I had removed the three-twos and about a block away had stuffed steel wool up the exhaust, so the car purred like a kitten. The charge was dismissed, I removed the steel wool and headed home. Such is life.

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