Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Northwood Anchor

Click this link to go to the page with a Photo Slideshow of a bunch of ads from the Northwood Anchor published in 1953 or 54. Here are some comments from the original posting of the ads in this blog in 2010:

Richard Holstad said...

The Home Town News Paper ads are ever so entertaining --- The Quality Cafe must have paid extra to Mr Vanderlinden to have their ad placed so close to the Veenker Drug Store ad ... or would it be vice versa.

This BLOG routine goes on and on .... I just recalled that there is a photo of Mr Vanderlinden and Mr Whitcome here in the archives too.

Marilyn said...

Richard, where did you get these ads? My mom was a saver. I'll have to see what I can come up with. Do you or anyone else remember where they used to have dances. It was upstairs somewhere, I'm thinking above the Connor Drug or across the street. I think my grandpa may have played his fiddle some. I remember going to dances & all the kids would get in line and do the bunny hop. Anyone else remember this?

BadgerHawk said...

Vaughn Monroe used to have a 15 minute radio show that I think was on Sunday evenings? His theme song was "When the Blue of the Night Meets the Dawn of the Day". Just a regular crooner.

Richard Holstad said...

These ads are from the Northwood Anchor approximately 1953 or 1954. Ann Johnson sent them to me for use in the class of 1956 DVD program.

Regarding the dance hall? -- I know there was an "action spot" above the Ford Garage as well as another one on the top floor of the what is now the historical society building.

I recall my mother being a den-mother for the cub-scouts when my brother Donn (class of 1960) was a scout ....they had the scout meetings in the big open space above the historical society building.

That space was also ideal for having a dance like you are describing, Marilyn.

I recall talking with someone from the class of 1962 about about how it took so little to entertain us back then .... The cub scout meetings were in that big open space with literally nothing there except a couple of tables ..... but when you got a group of young kids together like that, all you need is a cardboard box and away you go.

How many ways have your seen kids have fun with a card board box?

Marilyn said...

My cousin said the dances that I recall were at the Odd Fellow's Hall a couple buildings west of where the old locker stood.

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