Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Haute Couture, 1962

Ah, the Yearbook and its revelations of culture. Here you see four of the Class of '62's finest, Serena, Julie, Betty and Gwen, the four Queens - at the Senior Tea on May 7, 1962.

I even decided I should write this as myself, not the Blogmaster, because it may be taken as a sign of mocking and we don't want or intend to go there because the Blog itself is pure. This story is, however, another commentary on the changing times and thus worthy of consideration.

Not until June 23, 1972, did Title IX change opportunities for the women, as discussed previously in this blog, and in the early '60s at least, the women were apparently expected to be lady-like, to hold the cup between forefinger and thumb, to sip, and to converse politely about polite things.

Not that they don't converse politely today, but my how things have changed, haven't they? I don't know what group sponsored this tea and it makes no matter, because it was indeed an effort on their part to introduce the young women to social graces and fine things. Then, that same summer, we all learned about Pool and its effect on the rebellious young men who would be attempting to sweep these women off their feet, nicotine stains on the hand doing the sweeping.

Just seems funny, doesn't it? How long has it been since this tradition was set aside?

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