Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where Do We Go - From Here?

You may have wondered many times in your life, like post-graduation or other important events, where to go next.  Is that all there is, in Peggy-Lee-speak?

Just use your imagination on this question, because the point of this is to get to the other pages in this blog.  Considering that many readers were not aware of the Search Box on the right, so may they not be aware of the several other pages, also on the right side menu, each designed for storing information on a relevant topic.  Here's what they are, and each one here has a link to the page itself.  In the future, look to the right, under "Pages" to find these same topics:
Readers discovering the Search Box only after the posting to recommend it prompts this post.  The Blogmaster should never assume folks are all on the same page regarding the options and where else they might go, and life itself underscores that one path (or page) is not necessarily chosen by another, but perhaps this posting will help to reveal information that's been in place for some time.  Hope you'll enjoy what you may not have known or discovered previously.


  1. Lee, and all our contributors: By creating this blog you have carved out a niche in history for our families, friends and for our hometown!! Thank you!!

  2. Yes, Lee, you have done a wonderful job. I only wish more classmates would participate. Just think what they are missing!


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