Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old News from the Anchor

Howard Fox, Minnesota Twins
January 25, 1962 - Howard Fox, secretary for the Minnesota Twins baseball team, was married to Yvonne Ewingman, Wayzata, MN, at the Northwood Methodist Church with Rev R R Ritter officiating.  Cal Griffith, owner of the Twins was best man.

This is a story about Northwood that is not about Northwood.  The individuals cited are not about Northwood, but the incident is.  Recall that in those days the waiting period for marriage licenses was considerably longer in Minnesota, and with Northwood being the closest and most prominent "weddin' town" right across the border, it came the convenient choice.

One fellow who was in a big hurry to get his wedding complete had picked up a JP somewhere, hopped on a private plane, and flew over Northwood long enough to get legally married, flew back to the Cities, and who knows where they dropped off the JP.  Perhaps someone can fill us in on that.  Memory serves only to recollect "looking" for the plane but not necessarily "sighting" the plane.

Today Mr. Griffith might have flown the entourage to Vegas, but from all accounts about Cal being somewhat miserly that isn't likely either.  Fox had a long relationship with the Twins ending with his death last summer.  The marriage was also a long one, not a "quickie" type as you might expect, with the news report of his death telling that he adopted the four sons of his new wife, one of them commenting they had been blessed by Mr. Fox coming along as he did.

Not about Northwood, yet the citation of the family recalls commentary this week about the "Ode to Parents" and their importance in our lives.  So it is about Northwood, in more ways than one.

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