Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homecoming Candidates 1959

Donnie Holstad and Donna Flatness Fridley, '60

Thanks to Bonnie Mack Wopperer for doing some investigating and reaching out to Donna Flatness Fridley to uncover the occupants of this car in the '59 Homecoming Parade.  Bonnie originally had it all pegged right, and Donna confirmed in an email to Bonnie:

It is me with my good friend Donnie.... Mom and Grandma did make my dress, I just loved it and yes I did feel so pretty in it.

But I did not win, Julie Nelson won---I remember feeling so bad for our class for not making it a clean sweep, as we did have the largest class,but the Deer Creek kids were a real close group. We won the best float and King Donnie. I was happy for Julie (pretty gal). 

I can't make out for sure but it might be Dennis Carnes in the middle...the others (Craig Ensign driving and Harry Rogers on the right) are right... Anyway it was a great day and night (I think we won the game also) The old pictures are great, lots of good memories.

Julie Nelson was the sophomore candidate, and second consecutive Homecoming Queen in the string of winners from the Class of '62.

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