Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

I so recall mentally (if not outright) laughing at older folks who struggled to get up from a chair, thinking to myself that it will never happen to me. Now the reality of bone spurs and degeneration have put me on an aggressive physical therapy regimen that I don't necessarily enjoy, but it is a treat to be able to pull on my socks without a slow reach and accompanying pain.

All the more reason to recall the physical skills and agility that we once had. Strength, speed, flexibility to one degree or another, without the wisdom that comes with experience to provide perspective and a proper application. Would that I had taken the time to read more about the Civil War, or Lewis and Clark, to have taken the time to analyze with some diligence the art of the pole vault, or even to have taken advantage of lessons from parents who were pretty darn good at the two-step. The great irony: had they insisted, I would have, by nature, resisted immensely.

Too soon old, too late smart. It is what it is.

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