Saturday, January 28, 2012

Buddy Holly and the Winter Dance Party

Your best bet to find out more about the annual Winter Dance Party is by the Google.  "Winter Dance Party" and "Surf Ballroom" should pull up info.  The Globe has already reported the White Sidewalls and Pat Boone will be in attendance, so if you're a fan ("A-aa--aaa-pril Love!") go to to get your tickets.

Just a side note - Gary Busey, who played the title role in "The Buddy Holly Story" was in the Cities last week where he was supposed to have performed a few numbers from the movie.  Sorry for the late notice.

In case you won't be in Clear Lake either, you might enjoy this very active jitterbugging by Gary and Charlotte Chaney from St Louis.  None of the three folks pictured here has much need for a physical therapist.  They say keeping in motion is good for you and the good Lord knows these folks are doing so.  He looks like the Class of '68 and the two ladies look like '72, to be honest.  Dig the spats look.  All he needs is a gangster hat!

52 years since Buddy Holly died - it can go by in a big hurry - keep moving! Thanks to Bonnie Mack Wopperer for forwarding this neat YouTube.

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  1. Looks like fun. That took lots of practice. Loved it.


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