Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snow White Herself

Lee, I didn't remember that you were one of the 7 dwarfs (and I still don't know who the other 6 were, do you?), but I think it's a shame you were nameless.............the dwarfs each had an important name, you know......Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, etc. I think the names should have been on your shirts.....or hats......or something (but Maxine Butler didn't solicit my help or suggestions). That was really a fun project and, you're right, John Lee was my prince charming! :)

John Lee also sang tenor in a mixed quartet with Dave Mikkelson (bass), Marcia Stene (soprano) and yours truly (alto). We did well at state competition. Another great h.s. memory.

The one memory that stands out for me as Snow White was my staggering scene across the stage after taking a bite of the apple, when the poison was supposedly pulsing through my veins & bringing about my death. For the matinee, the bed I ultimately collapsed upon had been positioned too far away from me (almost to the wings of the stage) AND I took the bite too soon (while I was clear on the other side of the stage). Consequently, I had to continue choking, gasping for breath, and staggering...then gasping and staggering some more across the entire stage until I eventually made it to the bed where I collapsed. It became almost comical and many of the kids in attendance began to chuckle & laugh when it was supposed to be a rather serious scene in the play. haha Funny now, but very embarrassing at the time!

Dress rehearsals and matinees are learning "tools" of that trade. Because of that blunder, we learned to place the bed a little further in from the wings or side of the stage, and I knew then NOT to bite into the apple too soon from so far away, thus shortening the distance between me and the cot/bed. Therefore, the evening performance went much more smoothly, Don't know if you remember that, but I sure do................they were laughing at ME!! hahaha

Honestly, don't even recall if I had speaking parts or if it was done more like an music. How I wish we'd have had the technology in those days that we now have to record it on DVD so we could view it again and again in our latter years.....and share it with our children/grandchildren. :)

-- Bonnie Mack

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