Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old News from the Anchor

Miss Mantz - correcting papers, as typical.

January 14, 1987 - two teachers at Northwood-Kensett schools have resigned effective at the end of the current school year.  Eileen Mantz, who teachers computer science and mathematics, and Diane Groon, who teaches German and English, have resigned their contracts.  Both resignations were accepted by the board of education. 

An obituary  for Eileen Mantz was published in the Northwood Anchor in 2001.

January 11, 1962 - patrons of the Carpenter Consolidated School district favor reorganization with the St Ansgar - Grafton District, according to a recent ballot.  Out of 270 ballots mailed, some 196 ballots were returned and St Ansgar had 104 votes and Northwood-Kensett, 92, for a small margin of victory for St Ansgar.  

Beginning of the end for the NK School District?

January 14, 1937 - Moving his office equipment to Britt by truck early this week, Dr. C. T. Bergen has taken up his active practice t that city with Dr. B. F. Denny, old established physician and surgeon of Britt, with whom he has formed a partnership.  Dr. Bergen was located in Northwood over three years.  

The blogmaster will need confirmation from someone that this is the same Dr. Bergen whose daughter Ann graduated with the class of '62, apparently after a move back to Northwood.  According to class history, Ann became a classmate in fifth grade.

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