Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blog Search Box

On the right side of this page, just above the listing of all pages and contributors to the blog, there is a Search Box, powered by Google.  If you need to find anything that might be listed in this blog, like the name of a classmate, enter the name in the box and click "Search."  You'll be amazed how quickly you'll get a listing of every posting that's been made about that classmate.

Google "Card Catalog" to find Several For Sale!
Suppose, for example, you wanted to read postings where Buddy Holly's name was mentioned.  You will find in about 2.3 seconds that he has been discussed in six different postings.

Remember when you had to pull out those wooden draws in the library card catalog system powered by the Dewey Decimal System?  And it took more time than you had available in study hall if you were doing some serious study?  Raise your hand if you love technology.


  1. My hand is raised!! Is this a new feature, or was I just not paying attention before?

  2. It's like those beautiful flowers you walk by every day and never notice, right? Glad you finally found it. I know you will find it again. Check out "Frozen Shell Rock" and see what pops up!


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