Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old News Meets New

January 31, 1937 -

Enrollment at Northwood High School at the beginning of the second semester Monday reached 212 students, which equals the highest enrollment in the high school history and with over four months remaning of the year, there is little doubt but what a new record high will be established.  Enrolment in the grades at this time is 258.

January 18, 1962 -

Members of the Vikings basketball team this season include Chuck Hendrickson, Larry Holstad, Phil Johnson, Mike Lien, Gerald Pike, Dave Skellenger, John Carlson, Gerald Anderson, Larry Christiansen, Wayne Groe, Morris Hanson, Keith Helgeland, Rod Lundgren, Jim Nelson, Craig Pelham and Leallyn Turvold.  Maynard Midtgaard is varsity coach, assisted by Bob Wilder.  The team is undefeated in nine games this season and leads the North Iowa Conference.

January 21, 1987 -

Enrollment at Northwood-Kensett schools is expected to drop another 100 students in the next four years, according to Superintendent Perry Uhl.

January 20, 2012 -

Lake Minnetonka, MN - Pond Hockey Underway!

You've heard before about the undefeated '61-62 basketball season, prominently occurring 25 years after unusual enrollment growth in the local schools, and 25 years BEFORE a substantial decline in enrollment.  And today, the featured event in Minnesota is "pond hockey," hockey in its purest form, played outdoors, using snow blower technology for its preparation.  50 years ago hockey featured players without masks - or teeth.

Just an interesting juxtaposition with the "hoopla" we recall.  Sorry for that horrible pun.

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