Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Names from Back Home

One story begets another:

There was a similar character In Kensett, when I was a youngster. His name was Ole Nubson. I know he had some patents to his credit and had a shop next to my father's dealership. I think he was a bachelor and had no family that I knew of, so when he died, my grandfather took care of the arrangements. Probably not much history about Ole, but he was quite an entrepreneur. I used to hang out with him, as a kid, and learned many practical lessons.  Editor's Note: Ole (and his patent) is one of many Kensett natives described in this Backroads North Iowa from the Globe Gazette printed last November.

-- Stan Arendts

Wilma Helgeland, like most all of our teachers in Northwood, had little sayings that she would often repeat.  She’d say, “One never knows, does one?"  That was her way of keeping the students on their toes …. Someone would ask, “Will there be a quiz on this or that subject”? Wilma would say, “One never knows, does one”.

I tried some reverse psychology on her one time. I said to her, “This subject - diagramming sentences - is really fun and interesting. Could we please have a quiz on this tomorrow?”

The answer was the same --- "One never knows, does one?" --- but she did have “a satisfied smile” on her face that maybe she had taught us something valuable.

-- Richard Holstad

Evelyn Wolfe used to take care of my brother, sister and me when we were just little squirts and my parents needed a babysitter for a night out. I remember her well. One of her favorite songs at the time was Jambalaya and I remember how interested I was in the shell case she carried as a small purse. They became a big fad with all us young girls for awhile. We'd purchase them at the Army surplus store in Mason City, color them with shoe polish.........I think ? ? Of course, you guys wouldn't know anything about that.

Went to school with a boy in Garner, IA, whose last name was Toothacher. Needless to say, he became a dentist. Seriously! Did he really have a choice ? ?

Mother told me there was a farmer who lived somewhere on the outskirts of Northwood. Believe it or not, his name was Norbert Hogbin. Really ? 

-- Bonnie Mack

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