Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oops. Let's Try Again

Technology is great when you do it right.  But when you fail to flip a switch, sometimes the lights won't come on.  So when this was posted the other day you might have been told the slideshow here was "private" and you couldn't view it.  Try again - that's been fixed.  Our apologies.

Here are some memories of the 45th Reunion in 1962, with apologies to many attendees whose faces were not recognized or remembered.  The photos shown here were collected from a few sources, and there are many more out there, and if you have some of your own, please email them to so they can be included here.  No effort has been made to eliminate a common photographic symptom, multiple photos of the same person, and without a source that provides pictures of every attendee, some will be left out, unfortunately.  You can help correct that by emailing your own photos.

The music begins to skip part-way in, but bear with it because it will straighten out.  If you are receiving this posting by email, you will probably need to go to the blog site to be able to view the slideshow.

Don't forget to browse for classmates or events by name by using the Search Box on the right.  And if your name is missing from this blog, or a favorite incident, please email it to so it can be included.  See you in - 6 months!!

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