Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Vold Sisters

Top photo was in June of 1957 when the Vold's left Northwood for California. Stopped in Des Moines to say our goodbye's to cousins.

2nd Photo - Merrilee, Bonnie and Cynthia in 1949.
3rd Photo - Merrilee building a snowman in 1950 something
4th Photo - Birthday party for David Haight (bottom row)
Top row left is David's mom, Marge, my mom Rose and Mike Lien's mom, Elsie
Bottom row is "unknown girl" on left, Mike Lien, David Haight, sister Laurie,
Bonnie and Merrilee


  1. Merrilee -

    I'm working on - scanning - some class annuals from the early and mid 1950's.... for the Sept 11 event this summer .... I keep running across photos of Mike Lien's sister. Could the unidentified girl be Mike's sister, I think her name is Carol?

    --Blog Mechanics Question -- If I wanted to post a video right here, I don't see how to do that, do you? I would like the video to always show up along with this group of photos.

    Dick Holstad

  2. Richard, Mike's sister was several years older than he so I guess that couldn't be her in this picture.

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