Sunday, July 4, 2010

Memories from an Old Classmate

Just wanted to share with all of you just how important our roots are. I have only attended two class reunions and visited a few summers. I was able to bring back all of my childhood memories when I went returned. Playing in king of the mountain, I draw the frying pan with Ralph Thompto and the Fistler brothers; hide and seek; playing from dawn until dusk in the Shell Rock River - they were all great memories of Northwood. My parents and Mike Lien's were always trying to get the two of us together. Every May 1st, Mike would show up with "my May basket" and turn and run like hell! Spending the night with Jo Tenold or Betty Ryan on the farm and having to wake up and do "chores". I think Betty and I actually giggled more than we ever talked! Playing with Jo Olson every day after school; Falling in love the first time in 6th grade - only to find out he was a cousin of mine! And then there was my partner in crime, Cheryl Grube ... we had so many good times together and have continued our friendship. Friendships that have gone on throughout the years since I left Northwood and those that have been rekindled - all very special. So many great memories. I thank my parents for at least staying in Northwood long enough for me to get my roots solid. It has given me "great" roots.

The first reunion I attended was the 25th and it was a real joy. I was able to see Bill Roberts before he passed. Shortly after the reunion, Larry Holstad and a buddy stopped by to see us in Playa del Rey. I took them over to Catalina Island to show Larry where Jim and I were planning to retire. Larry's friend was running in a 10K on the Island the following March so he was able to see the route.
I didn't know many of the Kensett kids as I left Northwood at the end of 7th grade, but I have had the opportunity to get to know a few and it has been a pleasure. Stan and Arlyn and their wives had cocktails (and perhaps a little dinner) one nite with me in Laguna Woods. We watched Dick Holstad's fantastic DVD production of the class of 1962. Last month I was able to reacquaint with Marsha Gaarder; we had dinner with her and husband, Bob, in Waterford, NY . Upstate NY was awesome; enjoyed Niagara Falls, Cooperstown, 5 Finger Lakes and 1000 Islands and Alexandria Bay - lots of history in that part of the country to say the least.

Thanks to each and every one of you for sharing a wonderful part of my life with me

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