Friday, July 9, 2010

Photos from Donna Davenport & Cheryl Grube

Donna Davenport and Bob Gullickson at the Swimming Pool

Joan Olson, Graig Pangburn, and Harry Rogers
At the Northwood Swimming Pool

Notice the lack of the "K" on the Cheer Leader's Letters
When did Northwood and Kensett consolidate? 1959?
It would be Terrific to zoom in on the song list on that Juke Box
This photo taken at ..... Nelson's Bowling Lanes ?


  1. 58-59 was the first year of the consolidation. I hate to admit I don't know that I recognize all the cheerleaders so somebody can correct me but I believe it's Cheryl Grube, Betty Ryan, two I can't place, and Serena. That would mean we've consolidated, but I don't recall that we had cheerleaders for fresh-soph sports? And in that case this would be a couple years later and for crying out loud, where is the K? Was the school board trying to save some money on new uniforms?

  2. Bobby Gullickson - what a great guy! And I didn't recall Craig Pangburn was such a stud. He looks like a running back and I know he played center on the football line.

  3. The 3rd one is Diane Turvold a grade older and I can't tell for sure, but is the next one Diane Taylor?


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