Thursday, July 15, 2010

Classic Cars


  1. The police car was restored by my son Michael when he used to live in Clear Lake.

  2. Marilyn, the police car must be parked in front of what has to be the Surf Ballroom. What a place, although I think I spent more time there as a student at MCJC than I did in HS.

    I still recall standing in the kitchen out on the farm, looking down at the Globe-Gazette story with pictures of the crash that killed Buddy Holly. It was a cold day and the pictures of the people all bundled up and gathered around the wreckage still makes me shiver today.

    The lyrics and music of Peggy Sue and other Holly tunes are still in my head, as well as the Big Bopper's Chantilly Lace. Had a pretty face, had a pony tail, hanging down, wiggle in her walk . . .

  3. Lee, you need to come back to Clear Lake for the winter dance party. I know Richard comes back every year I think. They also have a great winter dance party at the Diamond Jo Casino. I've been to 3 of those. Still can't believe Northwood has a casino.

  4. Marilyn --

    Do you have details about what happened last year to the 58 Ford police cruiser when it was parked out front during the Buddy Holly Celebration? One of the tour buses or a performer's bus driver apparently didn't see the car parked there. Damage was done to the cruiser but I have seen it since then - back in good shape.

    Yes, I do attend the celebration at the Surf as often as possible. It is impossible to say that any one time has been better than all the rest. I go there with the EXPECTATION of having a good time AND WE JUST DO!

    Last year was over the top again! They just need to turn the volume down for us seniors who can still hear OK.

  5. Richard, couldn't find out anything about the police car.


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