Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drag Racing

Does anyone remember the red 63 "409" Chevy that my brother Gerald (graduated in 1960) had?

This is a quote from Mike Lien in 2002. "I remember Gerald's brand new red 63 chevy with a big "409" cubic inch engine in it and we went west of town at Aase's corner and raced. That's where all the guys used to go drag race back in those days. I had my dad's new 63 Pontiac and needless to say your brother's chevy won the race. It's a wonder back then that nobody got caught by the law or killed because that used to be a regular raceway in those day."

I wonder how many of you guys drag raced with that 409?


  1. Maybe the video just posted will remind the guys what your brothers car looked like.

    As the man in the video describes, "These cars are outrageously collectible 40 years later.

  2. Like what would it be worth now?


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