Saturday, July 31, 2010

NKHS Mens Locker Room


  1. There is a very select group of athletes who will appreciate this clip.

    Remember the powder box, tough skin, coolie corner, and one stool for the entire team!

    This was a unique place to be after loosing a game alright.

    I couldn't resist sharing this footage


  2. I get a funny feeling in my stomach watching this. Wonder why.

    That's not the same locker room we left behind, though. The awning windows on the right that looked out on the playground are gone and so is the equipment cage that housed that stinky football equipment.

    There were two stools there, not one, and the water was directly connected to the showers. As a freshman, obviously not knowing any better, I flushed the stool while somebody was in the shower and I thought for a moment my life might be over. That's when I discovered why there was a sign there that says "Yell Flush!"

    Sure looks smaller than I remember, too.

  3. As a junior and senior I did some pole-vaulting for our track team. I wasn't all that good at it but nobody else was doing it and it sure seemed neat. Unfortunately the pole available for use was aluminum and the very last time I tried to vault with it, I felt something give way, so I looked down and sure enough, the pole was bending on me. It wasn't supposed to - that was the fiberglass poles that did that.

    As we were nearing the end of the track season one of the underclassmen, I don't recall who, asked to try the vault since they had no one else to do it the next year. I had already done my workout and was in that dingy locker room dressing when somebody came in and said "Look, so-and-so is trying to pole vault."

    I looked out that crank-out window to see my replacement had set the bar at about 2 feet and was trying to vault over it. But he knocked the bar down. I don't know if he ever succeeded the next year but I knew it was time for me to move on.

  4. Another memory from the video: when the video moved from the gym into the "hallway' leading to the stairs, there is a waste basket on the left. There used to be a bulletin board hanging on that wall for all sorts of notices.

    When Jon Swenson was our PE Coach he decided to motivate us all with a round-robin basketball tournament. Every team was supposed to report it's own scores and the standings would be updated each week.

    Unfortunately, that honor system wasn't working real well because people either lied or forgot their losses and/or victories, and midway through this tournament a big argument developed about the accuracy of those standings.

    John Roberts was smart enough to know that whenever you do the standings, there should be the same number of wins as losses, and there were not. Swenson was standing there as the discussion heated up and John shouted the obvious. Swenson had had enough - he ripped the standings off the wall and walked away, back into the training room. The tournament was over.

  5. Richard, this is pathetic. You note what time I am posting this, and I can tell you I will be awake for a long time tonight remembering more about that dingy locker room.

    I take back what I said about the two stools, you are right there was only one, which is unbelievable. The area on the left of the stool and just to the right of the door to the showers (3 shower heads? My we were lucky.) was the "preening" area. Think of "The Fonz". And two guys who come to mind for that are brothers, Dave and Wayne Gaskill. The hair may have been greasy, but it was perfect.

  6. Hey guys, these stories are what make the blog so great! So glad I was a girl. I would have never stepped foot in those showers!!!

  7. I don't know that the girls shower room was any better.


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