Monday, July 30, 2012

Where We Are

Perhaps it was curiosity that killed the cat, but I wondered just how scattered our class is, and what it would look like on a map.  And here it is.  You can zoom in or out to be able to view each location more carefully, and scroll down to view a directory listing as well.  I left the names off the map but can provide you with a link to a map that includes names if you ask.

Clearly most of the group still lives within a 30-mile cluster of the hometown, but we have made it to a number of other states plus Norway.  Without Richard's exact address I was not able to be anymore precise than a dot in Norway.  Hopefully he lives somewhere near there.

To view a full-screen map, click the NKHS 62 No Names link below.  If you're familiar with Google Maps you will find this operates the very same way.

View NKHS 62 No Names in a full screen map

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