Monday, July 16, 2012

a Bulldog 50th

Another Reunion has gone by, this one held at Rice Lake Country Club last weekend for the LMHS Class of '62.  Paul Charlson reports he has set up a Facebook page for the group, so if you're a Facebook user you could probably enjoy their photos.  If not, here are a few that we took, and I'm sure you will recognize many faces.
Paul is a good man and has been the organizer of the past few Bulldog Reunions.  This year they very appropriately copied our recognition of classmates no longer with us.  Two names in particular struck me - Arlen Stensrud and Allen Holstad, both members of their basketball team and good athletes, well known to Northwood athletes.

I don't have a headcount but I believe their turnout was about the same as ours, with several classmates returning for the reunion for perhaps the first time.  I also discovered that one classmate, David Rosheim, is a "writer of history, short stories, articles and poetry . . . and is Norwegian by descent . .  . "  We purchased Old Iowegian Legends (what a classy, memorable name, eh?) and will be quoting from it from time to time, I suspect.  Lonna tells me he is familiar with Dan Sorenson, the Iowa Farm Boy, and the two  will surely provide more for the grist mill.

I flipped open the book and found this story on page 113:

In late summer of 1962, the administrators of Luther College finally came out of their long established fortifications against student dancing and at long last decided to allow the once taboo activity to become a legitimate student recreation.  When I heard this I was surprised.  I had been rocking and rolling and bopping along at sock  hops since 1957 and was amazed to know that the college I had chosen had not been permitting it.

Those of you who were Norsemen will remember those days, and the rest of us will scratch our heads but recall that times were indeed significantly different 50 years ago.  Change is good.

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