Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Life and Times of '62

This week - beginning tomorrow - we celebrate our graduation 50 years ago.  The schedule for the week shows plenty to do -
  • Wednesday - 11 AM - 4th of July Parade 
  • Wednesday - Noon - class picnic at the shelter house
  • Thursday - the golf course is open
  • Thursday - 1 PM - Project McNamara celebration at Ann Swensrud Johnson's for those who have been involved
  • Thursday - 5 PM - an evening at the Worth Micro Brewery
  • Friday - the golf course is open
  • Friday - 11:30 AM - a tour of the Historic Park Inn in Mason City
  • Friday - 1:30 PM - a tour of the Music Man Square in Mason City
  • Friday - 4:30 PM -  the "world premiere" of the Class of '62 story by Richard Holstad
  • Friday - 6:00 PM - a Kensett reunion 
  • Saturday - 1:00 PM - Reunion Golf Tournament
  • Saturday - 5:30 PM - Social Hour
  • Saturday - 7:00 PM - Banquet
While the week's celebration is the culmination of what the blog has been pointing towards for the past two years, the online celebration will continue.  The NKHS 62 blog has been an effort to capture and memorialize the story of our youth, the sorrow and the joy, the celebration of the teachers who did their best for us, the failures, the successes, the relative comparison of what we knew - had - and owned vis-a-vis the world today, and the cultural/geopolitical aura of those times.  The hope was to have many classmates sharing those stories.  While that participation has been limited, the fabric is there and the wholecloth may still come about.

In that spirit, we will promote the blog at the banquet Saturday night with a thought that more of the class might become engaged.  This video, "The Life and Times of 62", is a keynote effort, a three-minute encapsulation of the era, our school experience, and the days when we were on top of the world and the dream was underway.  It was our shared life and times.

We look forward to seeing many of you this week.

As always, for those receiving this post by email, go directly to the blog to view this video.

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