Thursday, July 26, 2012

More about McNamara

An email from Ann Johnson fills in more background on Donald McNamara.

Yesterday we bumped into some long-time friends of ours whom we haven’t seen for ages; Curt and Sue Evans who farm near Joice.

Curt wanted to tell me how much he enjoyed reading about our search for Donald. He was very, very complimentary about all that we had done and all that was involved. He grew up in Joice and graduated from Lake Mills High School with Jan in 1964. She had told him about our project and directed him to the NKHS 62 website.


Knowing his age, I said, “I’ll bet you knew Don and Ron McNamara when you were in school”!

He said, “I sure did! We rode together on the school bus to Lake Mills but we knew them as “Carberry.” Then he started talking about Don and what a nice kid he was. Curt said the twins’ birthday was one day after his birthday so they called each other “Brother”. He spoke so well of Don and said they were really good friends.

He said both of the boys were very good athletes...he said so many things about the boys, I can’t begin to remember all of them. I told him I thought Shane would love to hear stories about his dad as a kid and Curt said, “Oh, you need to get in touch with Barry Anonson. He still lives in Joice; he and Don were really good friends. They both lived in town...I wasn’t around them so much because we lived in the country but those two were together all the time.”

He chuckled and said, “As I remember, the game warden took their guns away once because they were shooting sparrows around town.” There were stories that Michael (Shane's son) would like to hear...Curt said that Don was “a heck of a baseball player”. (He also said Don and Ron teased Deb (their sister) unmercifully....he even told us the name they called Deb but I can’t remember it. Curt was really enjoying talking about his friend.

The story continues . . . Ray Calhoun will be pleased that it does.

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