Monday, July 9, 2012

An Email to the Reunion Committee

Five Teachers Attending Class of '62 50th Reunion
Hey, all.  Super job with the party.  I needed another four or five hours to talk to everybody Saturday night but my body was telling me I didn't have the time, if you know what I mean.

Larry, you did a terrific job as emcee.  You were kind in speaking of the blog and I totally failed to tell you in return that what you did to lead the program was top-notch.  Thanks for doing that, even if you weren't able to make a career out of music.  (an inside joke - you had to be there.)  And by the way, if I could get a copy of that DVD I'd sure appreciate watching (probably for the first time) one of only three games we won in '61...

Karen, you'll notice I do have your email address, but I suspect I have not added it to the NKHS 62 Google account.  I will get that done, probably tomorrow.  I have a lot of fixin' to do and names/emails to be adding so we can keep it current, and am hopeful all our classmates will stay tuned in when their addresses change so the roster will be forever current.  They can email any changes to and we'll stay on top of it.  

Robert, thanks for bringing the power pack (that I didn't need, but if you hadn't brought it I would have) and both you and Vickie for your local leadership, Karen as well.

Cheryl, I appreciate your compassion.  It's part of the reason our class still hangs together after all these years.  The necrology service was very touching and one we should continue.

Serena, I know you did a lot of the heavy lifting, and the souvenir book was great to read when I got home.  We do indeed have a story of success in our class, and saluting those teachers was appropriate.

I didn't catch who all is going to be on the next committee so if someone could forward that list to me, I'll get it up on the blog to retain for future reference.  It's a sad thought that comes to mind that some of the people who were in the room last night won't be there in 2017, so as long as we can, let's stay in touch through the blog.

Great job, all of you.  The week is a great memory.


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  1. Very well said, Lee, I think everyone had a great time.


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