Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Frog Not Forgotten

In one of those weird conversations that pops up at a class reunion, Jo Olson told me about a biology assignment she once had, and last week emailed me the full story.

A bit of a chuckle here - I had completely forgotten about the frog until I was talking with Maynard. We had a good laugh because he remembered too when we had the assignment to impregnate a female frog in class. I can't remember the details but my frog refused to get pregnant and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. After some discussion and investigation by Mr. Midtgaard, we discovered my frog was a male! Boy, was I relieved 'cuz I still got a good grade!!! Funny you should mention it - I just found a dead frog in my closet - gift of my daschund sophie (I assume). jo

Please note, Jo, the labeled parts of the female frog shown here.  Just in case you get the assignment again.


  1. Now that was a very interesting story and, Lee, a great job supplying Jo with a cheat sheet for the next time!!

  2. I don't recall the frog assignment that Jo talks about, but I do recall doing a dissection on a cow's brain for the science fair. I wasn't sure what I was getting into until Maynard came along and said "That's a beautiful cross-section of the cerebellum!" He was more excited than I was.
    Other than that I can only recall picking out a cardboard box about twice the size of a shoebox to collect the brain at the locker after we had butchered the cow. Dad looked at me with this funny look and said, "You know, the brain isn't much bigger than your fist." He was right. It was smaller than a pound of hamburger. But hey, how often did I ever mess around with cow brains? Birdbrains, maybe.


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