Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Week in Review

Four days?  What in the world will you be doing for four days?  Well, it went by pretty quickly, and having a variety of events to attend with a variety of classmates meant a chance to visit in a casual but lengthier manner, unlike the quick conversation at a stand-up cocktail party.

So here's a "picture" of all that went on during the week, starting with the lineup for Northwood's 4th of July Parade.  Click on the photo for a larger view.
The Class of '62 was represented by three entries in the parade, all shown on this photo: Robert Hall's flatbed '46, the '62 Chevy carrying the four Homecoming Queens from our class, and trailing the queens in the background a white pickup carrying members of Project McNamara.
The day was warm and did not improve much in the shade of the shelter house for the picnic.  You can see by the smiles from Jo Moretz and Dave Skellenger that we nonetheless made the best of it.
Thursday afternoon the members of Project McNamara met again for Ann Johnson's "Getting to Know You" party at her home.  The sign was created by Nancy Hengesteg and her 9-year-old granddaughter, Carly, and used as sideboards on the white pickup she drove in the parade.
Thursday evening we met at Worth Brewing Company to quaff a brew and take in some local history.  Providing their own history, these four starters from the undefeated 61-62 Viking basketball team were reviewing scrapbooks kept by Linda Hempen Loken.  Sadly, the 5th starter, Mike Lien, is no longer with us.
Friday was the "open" day but as it turned out, it, too, was busy.  Several classmates and teachers made it out to the golf course, while some traveled to Mason City to view the Historic Park Inn, Music Man Square, and Meredith Willson boyhood home.  Trivia question of the day: who did the window coverings for all 31 windows in the Willson home when it was refurbished?  Answer: our own Dianne Taylor Byerly!  Shown here in the Mezzanine of the Historic Park Inn are the classmates and spouses who did the tour.
We don't have photos of the Music Man tours nor the golf outings held Friday and Saturday (Gerry Pike won longest putt!) at least for now.

The banquet included a Necrology Service, a commemoration of our departed classmates.  Cheryl Grube Calabria did the ceremony by lighting a candle as she cited each lost classmate's name.  Quietly, we all remembered.

Emcee Larry Holstad said it best when he said "I knew some of you very well, some of you pretty well, and some of you not at all.  These reunions have given me a chance to know each of you better and I am glad to have had the chance."  For more photos from the reunion, check the slideshow embedded in the Tuesday post.

The 2017 Reunion Committee will include Robert Hickman, Linda Hempen Loken, Lee Leidal, Jo Moretz, and Gerry Pike.  The 4th of July in 2017 is a Tuesday, so consideration is being given to holding the reunion in conjunction with Northwood's Founders Day in September.  If you have an opinion on the date, please email

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