Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Old News - from 4th Grade

Marilyn Weidler Ulve has been digging deep - and found these "letters" written by classmates during that year.  Shirley Mitchell was the teacher for many of us that year, and these memories will live in infamy.  To view the letters in a readable size double-click the picture and it should take you to the online album where the pages are larger.
Apparently homecoming was just as important back then as it is today since several classmates mention the parade.  Chuck Hendrickson mentions the first game of the year, against St. Ansgar, the traditional opener, and I know that we LOST that game.  In one of my letters I reference staying over with my cousin Craig that Friday night, and for some reason I still remember, clear as bell, standing in their barn while he came dancing into the milking area, with a sing-song announcement that "St. Ansgar won their game last night!  St. Ansgar won their game last night!"

Seven years later we played at St. Ansgar in another home opener, and he snuck out from his wingback position to cut me down from my defensive end position - several times.  I never saw him coming for the first three or four times he did it.  A couple years ago he was sharing the story at a family gathering.  He thought it was really funny.  Ha ha.


  1. Those articles are so funny & cute. I wish more people would read them.

  2. I am just getting caught up from my trip to Northwood. I truly enjoyed these Marilyn. You go girlfriend - Moving so much I have lost a lot of things...thanks for sharing. Our 50th Reunion was fantastic. Enjoyed seeing everyone and my goodness did we have a good turnout or what.


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