Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Letter Jacket Saga

The Anchor continues to post news from 50, 75, and 100 years ago, and though this blog is just now coming up on two years of existence, going back to view the posts from the early months continues to be a source of entertainment.  You can easily do so by clicking on the date links in the Blog Archives at right, then scanning the titles of each post to find stories of interest.

Or just wait until the feeling hits the Blogmaster and it will be done for you.  Today's topic is the Classic NKHS Letter Jacket that is no longer made available apparently because it's not fashionable.  Or saleable.

Earning the jacket was the topic of a post in August 2010.  "Earned" means blood, sweat, and tears on the athletic field, AND an encounter with Coach Mounts.  Read that story here . . .

As the story progressed, we discovered Richard Holstad was dying to get a replacement letter jacket, his having been lost or destroyed somewhere along the line.

Through the efforts of several people and the good folks at Decker's in Mason City, he was finally rewarded.

The story of the process is detailed here and you can read more...

After Richard was rewarded with his second letter jacket he sent along photos to show just how happy he was, and we posted an article with those photos just about a year ago.  The letter jacket story has thus dragged on for close to two years, but it was, after all, the best piece of clothing worn 50 years ago.

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