Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You May Want to Know . . .

You probably had some difficulties with the audio quality in the YouTube posted (Parade, Picnic, Party) yesterday but it has been revised and reloaded so should work much better for you now.  Click here to see it YouTube.

In August of 2010 a posting about Today's Viking Logo has been the target of numerous Google searches around the globe, especially in the Far East but also in Europe.  There is no explanation as to who is looking or why they are looking, but apparently lots of people need to know what it looks like.  It's really not much of a story, but you can read the original posting here.

Following the discussion of the McNamara boys, an email arrived last Friday from Richard Holstad, who said,

I was just now riding my bike around lake Loveland .... The phone rings in my pocket.  It's Larry Patterson; he and his wife were calling from Graceland Cemetery in Albert Lea. They found both Don and Ron's graves.

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