Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Lost Are Found

Everyone wants the long story to get "short" but this one goes the opposite direction.  Merrilee Reid mentioned a while back that she had once stopped with her family in Denver on the way to California (after they had moved out there) to visit with the Loan family.

Kiki Loan was a classmate and buddy who left with his family after 2nd grade.  Long story short (bear with me here) Merrilee tracked him down in Port Angeles, WA (near Seattle), and a couple nights ago I had a long phone conversation with him about all the travels in his life.  As Merrilee indicated in an earlier posting, his health will prevent his attending the 50th Reunion, but we've connected anyway.

Here's where the short story gets long again...   Cynthia Vold Forde, '57, got involved, Richard Holstad got dragged into the conversation, and voila!  We now have a photo of our first grade class with Miss Phyllis Stover as our teacher.  The faces just pop out as clear and memorable as if it were yesterday.  (And I understand why I never thought of Billy Roberts as anything but Billy, as he is named here.)

Miss Stover was a feature of a posting about a year ago, and I encourage you to read that story by clicking here...     And thanks to Richard Holstad who has the world's greatest archive on all things Northwood including the 1951 Yearbook!

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