Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Rebel Rouser

One of the great things about Radio Paradise is the eclectic mix of songs.  They recently dipped into 1958 with the Duane Eddy classic, "Rebel Rouser", twangy guitar and all.  Surprisingly, the song never got higher than #6 on the charts, and it launched a career that kind of ended with its inclusion (the song, that is) in "Forrest Gump" in 1994.

The melody sequence is pretty simple, the saxophone honky-tonk, and the name itself worthy of young teens enjoying a style of music at least partially to annoy their parents.

Here's his version of "Honky Tonk".  Think of a live performance at the Surf and you won't be disappointed.

For a more recent version of the twang, see Danny Gatton, who played a Fender Telecaster and was known to use a beer bottle or even partially filled beer mug for his slide.  He lived hard and died early.  You wonder how the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith can stick around, although they do look like they've been abused.

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