Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Other Guys - LMHS

During the course of researching one of our stories mention was made about the LMHS yearbooks, and since I married a Bulldog and her '62 Yearbook is shelved in the basement next to the Viking '62 Yearbook, I took a chance it might provide the information I was looking for.  It did not, but I did find a horrible historical inaccuracy.  According to their yearbook, copy inserted here, the Bulldogs beat us 7-6 in the final game of the 1961 football season.

Obviously I was horribly offended by this inaccuracy, but Lonna didn't think it was much of a big whoop and asked me who I was going to report it to.  But here it is, check it out for yourself, and then compare it to the proper records of our own Yearbook:

She may not have thought it important today but look at her cheerleading face in this photo,  full of excitement and smiles, in a game against NKHS.  It has to be the game played at LMHS since it's on the stage, and if you look carefully (click the photo for a larger view) you will see David Skellenger on the far left end of the bench, what may be the crewcut of Maynard Midtgaard, and Gwen Hillman poised to cheer in response.

You may recall I once reported that she usually didn't know what was going on in a game, has little memory of the games, and so on, but she did seem to be pretty excited at what was happening at this moment.  And on the next page of their yearbook is this quality photo, full page, taken by a fellow named Bill Bakken.

This appears to be a shot taken at the Sectional game in St Ansgar, won by the Bulldogs 72-66.  Unfortunately, this time they did get the score correct, but some things you can't change.  The scoreboard, barely visible at left, shows the Visitor has 48 points at the time of this tip.  And notice that once again the crowd is standing room only.

Click the photo for a larger view, but if you can't read the caption it says: OUR MIGHTY FIVE!!!  Arlen (Stensrud) takes the tip from Phil!! The Bulldogs topped Northwood in sectional play 72-66 after being beaten by the Vikings twice in the conference contests.  A sad side note - Arlen and Allen Holstad (far left) are no longer with us.

You gotta admit - the rivalry with the Bulldogs was one-of-a-kind.

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  1. email received from Larry Holstad:

    You are correct about the score being 6-6. It was on a cold windy night in Lake
    Mills. The jump ball picture sums up that game in that Phil had jumped center against Arlen 8 times previously and controlled all 8 previous tips. No excuse but he had sprained his ankle the night before and was not as affective as normal. Actually Chuck had also hurt himself and player sparingly also. That is quite the picture on the stage with all those people up on the auditorium side. Couldn't see much. Good fun stuff after 50 years.


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