Monday, March 5, 2012

Growing up "Iowa"

With four grandsons around the age of the two mischief-makers here, this photo connects.  Richard Holstad, '65, and Steve Forland, '64, must have been 10 or 12 years old.  It's a great shot because it's a reminder of growing up and hanging out with friends.

They may have had more deviltry in mind but for the photographer who was watching, Dr. L M Forland, and surely acted out their visions when he left.

In any event, there wasn't much real farming going on in this picture even though it's a farm setting, so it brings to mind the Stan Arendts adventures reported last summer about his experience as a city slicker visiting farms of friends.  Read that story here . . .

In the process of preparing this post Richard happened to send along an additional photo, with the story behind it:  Yes, those are white bucks (in the photo above) and that is a pheasant feather in my hat.  Below is another treasure …. Steve and I were making cheese sandwiches on the campfire.

Steve’s job was to rub sticks together to make the fire. It took FOR EVER to get that fire going.

The moral of the story: you just can't beat growing up in Iowa!

Richard is also the source of a video taken of the boys locker room in the old gym and posted on the blog a couple years ago.  The trip down memory lane spawns a recollection of the mischief that goes on in the locker room.  The posting includes several comments about that "split level" hole that allowed a look out across the playing fields.

View the video here . . .


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  2. These pictures are so cute! I wonder how the sandwiches turned out. I can just picture my grandson doing these things although he is only 6.


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