Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Richard Gets His Letter - Congrats!

We got an email from an excited Richard Holstad the other day including a couple of photos of himself modeling his new(est) letter jacket. You will recall that his friend Larry Patterson went to the NKHS AD to solicit a letter to replace the one lost years ago, and then Richard stopped at Decker's in Mason City when he was in town for the Buddy Holly Reunion.

This is the man himself, at ease on his living room co
uch, all pleased with the coat. "It looks and smells just like the original," he says, "and yes, the sleeves are leather and they have a leathery smell.

He also included this photo of himself taken at home by the movie screen that was set up for the 9-11-11 reunion in Northwood. "The picture on the screen is downtown Northwood in the 50's. It was hard to get a good picture of the screen and me in the darkened room." And here it is nonetheless.

We have told Richard you can take the boy out of Northwood but you can't take Northwood out of the boy. To which he says, "Amen!"

The scene at left is duplicated elsewhere in this blog. We mentioned earlier that there was a red light on the wall at Gildner's, at the right of this picture, that was the "alarm" for Mel Horgan that something mischievous was happening in town. We're not sure that the light didn't go up after the class of '62 left town.

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  1. Although you surprised me with the above entry, Lee, it does please me a lot that you did it .... Because now I have the opportunity to say the following:

    1) "Thank you" to Larry and Barb Patterson as well as to Mr Dodd in the NKHS Athletic Department. What a terrific idea to build school spirit again. What if past alumni decided to replace their letter jackets and wear them around Northwood when they are home again. By the way, I had my name stitched across the back -- which was not done back in the mid 60's. But have you ever encountered someone in Northwood that you haven't seen in many years and just struggle to remember their name? That won't happen when you see me in my jacket ... now I need all you others to do the same.

    2) That letter and jacket ARE beautiful and I don't mind saying so. It is an exact duplicate of the original. I feel especially good when I wear it ..... I am proud of Northwood and the terrific times I had growing up there.

    3) This blog site is a terrific means to share and to document first hand those special events in our lives. I do appreciate very much the class of 62 allowing me to participate here ... you have a great idea going Lee.

    You haven't heard the last of me ...He Hee HEEE.

    Richard Holstad


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