Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Legend of the Light Lives On

I stand corrected again on the status of that red light on the Gildner-Johnson building. Here is a report from Richard Holstad:

"I’m told that the red light wasn’t placed until after photo posted on the blog site was taken. That is hard to believe because that photo was taken in the early to mid fifties.

Larry Patterson says that he spun a series of doughnuts in the fresh snow, on main street, after dark on Christmas Eve one year …… that red light came on while he was “doing the deed”. Larry is going to research it and let us know where exactly the light was mounted --- you were looking in the west-facing wall --- I suspect it was on a bracket protruding more on the corner so it would be visible in many directions. An electric line ran from the light over to the telephone office where the operator could control it …. Northwood’s early form of 911 service.

The problem researching this subject is that you and I were law abiding, good guys, not wanting to get our names in the paper and possibly be thrown off the football team. To get the facts this time we’ll need to rely on the experience of the “offenders”. Larry P is pretty emphatic that he can iron this one out for us."

I am proud to say that Richard has listed me as one of the "law-abiding good guys" and will defend that title in spite of any evidence to the contrary.

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