Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time for the Convertibles to Come Out

Received from Richard Holstad:

You can tell it is spring time when the desire wells up to get the MG out of storage.

I wonder if your readers will recall the Roberts boy’s 1956 MGA from back in our HS days.

I loved and envied it … and found one to restore many years ago. This is not THE Robert’s car, restored. Bill did some modifications to theirs … things this car was never intended to accommodate.

Underneath, this car is pretty much stock …. The paint is a GM color because I like it ….. and I modified the tail lights (taken from a 1959 MG) because the 1956 MGA had an unreliable electric system ---- either the tail lights wouldn’t work or the brake / turn signal lights wouldn’t work.

Shows you how “basic” this car is -- when you can’t even trust the signal lights to be reliable ….. today’s vehicles are run by DUMPUTERS. This 1956 MGA has a hole in the front bumper for you to insert a crank to start the car …. Makes you feel wonderfully self-reliant to have a hand crank for your car

Some may recall that this car does not have roll up windows ---- the release to open the door is a plastic coated wire that you reach in and pull while standing outside of the car. Stock seat belts or air bags? No way!

Those who ever owned a VW Beatle speak of them fondly -- Reminiscing how easy they were to repair, etc. This MGA is that way too. You NEVER leave the garage without your tools with you behind the seat… are going to need them.

This vehicle poised and headed out the garage door this way …… makes me laugh ….. it’s like the height of decadence ….. if you have the urge to get in this little buggy and go for a joy ride, you better not have an ETA ….. a cell phone in your pocket is recommended so you can call your destination to report your location.

This is not the greatest photo because the car is still in the garage on its casters. Casters are wonderful for pushing the car sideways and into a remote corner of the garage for the winter.

The football helmet is stored in the MG front seat - all the time. How about I get this car running and out in the fresh air again .. and take another photo with the top down?

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